Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Photo Dump: Papo's Here!

*The beginning of the photo dump posts, as I am learning the downside to wanting to process and edit photos means a lag time to get things posted. And the loss of our networked file sharing (different OSs, hopefully we'll fix that soon) means even longer transferring photos computer to computer. This is especially sad as Simon is changing and growing so rapidly right now. But in the interest of documentation I am starting with now - and going forward and backward at the same time.

So last weekend Dad, AKA, Papo (Pah-poe, rhymes with Rob-o, like what our friends sometimes called my dad) which is what we are calling him until Simon agrees or chooses something else, and Marilyn (moniker TBD) came to visit.

Simon had just started crawling long distances (meaning across a room without stopping). And this week he's pulling to stand.  They change fast.

I wanted to get some nice pictures, and wanted to use the camera remote that was a Christmas gift.

The remote has a learning curve. I finally figured out how to use the 2 second delay option.

We got a couple of good ones.

And a lot of out takes.


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  1. Simon's smile just melts my heart! I read you have a very important video to send me...get on that!!! I'm waiting!!!! :-)
    Miss you!