Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tulle and Tutus

I saw this on Small Notebook last year. I want to find new hobbies that do not involve looking at a screen so I dabble in sewing and crocheting. This tutu had been in the back of my mind and as a no-sew project it's perfect fora quick fix of letting the creative juices flow. I made one in January for Chole's birthday, and just last week I made this one for Asiya, who I can't believe is TWO! I had Little Bill try it one as a test (and for a blog picture)

I think every little girl needs a tutu.

ps - Isn't my husband the cutest?

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Skirts for Russia

My friend Jess and her husband are adopting! To help pad their adoption fund Jess is selling skirts, felts, and prints on etsy.

This is the skirt I bought. I love it! Perfect for spring. Go to the etsy store and check it out!

Thursday, April 22, 2010


(self portrait, Times Square)

Sara came to visit me in April. I love love love the girl time we get to spend, just us (well Rob gets to eat with us, and shop a little) every couple of years. We walked, talked, shopped, and ate for two days. Mostly talked. Those who know us both well are still amazed at the number of words we exchange. I found the perfect pair of vintage* cowboy boots, I have been searching for about a year. I also spent my leeftover gift cards form Christmas and got two tops and a dress for summer. Oh how I love the infusion of new to the wardrobe.

*code for used and expensive

We ate lunch at Marie Bell. The shop has a cute little tea room for lunch and hot chocolate. Here is the chandelier and a row of hot chocolate mix.
We also spent some time walking through Central Park. We rode the Carousel and hung out by the Public Art.Yay! for friends. And what is super exciting is next time I see Sara, she will have had her BABY.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Dad's Visit

Dad and Marilyn came to visit at the end of March. We had a fun weekend of bus touring and food. Day 1 started with brunch at the Mesa Grill. This habit of taking pictures of our food started here. (I do this all the time, I'm not even going to count the number of blog posts dedicated to pictures of dishes and food) And then I saw THIS article in the NY Times. We are oh so trendy.

Then we took the Up-town and Harlem bus. Then we went to Brooklyn for Grimaldi's pizza. Good pizza, but way long line. But while waiting in line, there was a store next door that sells clothes, scarves, gloves, and blankets made from Alpaca wool from Ecuador. I got a scarf and gloves. They were cute, but it was also freezing outside, so a win win.

Day two we went shopping in SoHo and then picked up the downtown bus. We drove through the financial district and saw the bull, then up First Avenue and back to mid-town. Dad and Marilyn on the bus. We are fans of the glassed in tops of the double-decker buses. The 70 degree weather we had been having left for the weekend.

After the bus we headed back to Queens for dinner. Where we took more food pictures, and we got one of all of us.

Day three Rob met us for lunch at Balucchi's, one of my favorite Indian restaurants. It was pouring. All in all a good visit.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

an Ode to Velveeta

This one has been waiting in the wings for awhile now.

Oh Velveeta, cheesy goodness.

I finally introduced your brick form to my home.
Melted in with shoestring fries
Cream of chicken soup and sour cream
Topped here with saltines...
Buttered cornflakes are even better.
Oh how I love the French Fry Casserole.
Next winter we shall meet again.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Baby-Sitters are BACK!

On April 1, I had the opportunity to attend an event featuring Ann M. Martin, author of "The Baby-Sitter's Club." This was super-awesome as I read those books from approximately 1989 - 1994. I still have most of the ones I owned in storage at Dad's house. They were loved. I can't believe the books have been out of print for 10 YEARS, or that the first one was written 25 YEARS AGO! But a prequel was written, and I got my very own autographed copy.
The first four books are being re-released for a whole new generation of baby sitters.

As a closing thought. I thought 13 was SOOO old and SOOO cool. And I got my first baby sitting job around that time (I'm pretty sure it was for Megan Stewart) But seriously, parents trusted me home alone with their child?!? 13 seems so young these days...

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Did the Easter Bunny Visit You?

Here he is...
...and he brought eggs.

Happy Easter

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Lion and Lamb

The month of March brought sun, rain, and snow.
Weather warm and cold.
Days to stay in. Days to go out.
Spring is here, there is no doubt.

Here's the start of our first walk across the bridge a few weeks ago.

Coming in April:
what we found on that walk,
Dad's visit,
Sara's coming to SEE ME,
and a glimpse of my new hobby.