Saturday, June 27, 2009

Our tiny garden

The tomatoes are starting to grow!

And I've learned that Dill is a weed, which has taken over the Cilantro. The parsley is doing well.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wedding Fun

Vince and Kaylene got married! Woo hoo! I was so excited to be at their wedding and get to hang out with college friends. We spent the weekend with Sara and Dave, and Carrie and her new husband Dave came in too.

Here is the one picture of the ceremony I got.
Vince and Kaylene's first dance.
Sara and Dave.
Carrie and Dave.
The college crew - Vince, Sara, Kasey, Kaylene, Carrie.

The girls.

Somehow I didn't get a pitcure of me and Rob. He was the cameraman. But here is one of us hanging out. I included it because you can see the flowers I wore in my hair.

After the reception there was an after-party at the hotel, where we all changed into our casual clothes and hung out and got to talk some more.

A very fun weekend.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


On my birthday, it rained...a lot. It poured non-stop. I had already decided to wear my pink shoes. I didn't want to change my outfit. I was wet. It was worth it.

After work and a meeting Rob took me out to dinner. We tried a new (to us) Mexican restaurant. The food was good. The margaritas, not so much. I wore my black mini-skirt with my pink shoes. It was fun.

Friday, June 12, 2009

My Favorite Place

It's summer in New York. I think. Yesterday it was cold and rainy. Today it is rainy and humid and feels like about 90 degrees outside. My hair is crazy. Yesterday I forgot a folder I was supposed to drop off. So I had to bring it in today, on my day to work from home. I don't work from home well, I tend to do a lot more baking than working, so it's not a total loss. Since I had to come to the city anyhow, I decided to finally utilize one of my favorite places and work from the New York Public Library - the big one, with the lions, on 42nd street. They have wireless now, they didn't use too. But last week I came in one day to kill an hour and read for a bit (so I guess this is really my second time to use the reading room) and saw that there is now wireless! I mean I CAN work on my laptop without the internet, but what fun is that, you can't take a pre-work break to blog without the internet.

So today I sit on the third floor of the library, at a table with claw feet and specialty tabletop plugs, and I work. I am entering data, and writing a report, and answering all of the email I have allowed to pile up this week. And if I look up there is the plaster made to look like wood molding with paintings of sun peeking through the clouds. And BOOKS everywhere books. Definitely my favorite place to be right now.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hit and Run

Why are people jerks? I really don't get it.

Rob and I went to dinner in Manhattan tonight and afterward were walking up 9th Ave. At the corner of 55th street we heard a loud sound, we thought a car hit another car. We turned around, there was no wreck, my next thought was his bumper fell off or something of the like. Then the girl sat up.

About five people immediately called 911, the driver got out, someone laid her back down and told her not to move. She didn't loose consciousness, thank goodness. The driver got back into his vehicle, at first it looked like he was going to pull forward some to keep oncoming traffic one more lane away. Then he sped off! Who does that! Seriously!!!

So what was an accident - girl was crossing on a walk signal, and the car made a fast turn - is now a hit and run. What the driver didn't count on is the helpful people of NYC getting his license plate as soon as he hit her.

The police took some statements - and the license plate number. The paramedics arrived and shooed everyone away. I think she's going to be ok, she had someone call a friend. I think she broke her arm. Not sure about anything else.

Both Rob and I were shaking the rest of out walk. It could have easily been us crossing the street. I hope she's ok. And I really really hope the guy who hit her gets caught. It was an accident - unless he was drinking or something - but you just don't drive away.

I've never seen anything like this. It really shakes you up.

Be safe.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Free Donut Day

Rob called me this morning on his way in to work (he goes in before I do) and said Dunkin' Donuts was giving away FREE DONUTS!!!

Then I came across this blog post on The Happy Housewife (click the link and get the details)

You get a FREE DONUT at Krispy Kreme. And a FREE DONUT with purchase of beverage at Dunkin' Donuts.

If you go though, make sure they don't make you pay for it. I got my coffee and donut and then was asked if I'd like a free donut (she meant in addition to the one I already had in my hand). I said isn't this one free? So I just paid for my coffee NOT the coffe and donut plus a free donut, cause really I don't need two donuts.

Go get your FREE DONUT now to have a little pick-me-up on a rainy Friday. And if it's not raining where you are, go get a free donut anyway.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Memorial Day 2009

For Memorial Day weekend Mom came to visit. Saturday night we went to see Avenue Q, hilariously inappropriate. I wore a mini dress and new shoes, I cant believe we didn't get any pictures! And I lent Mom some of my clothes to wear...and it was a good thing she brought a back-up because we are totally not the same size anymore.
Sunday Mom went to Ellis Island in the morning, while Rob and I stayed home and worked. Then we all met up for church. After church I was sooooooo looking forward to Island Burgers and Shakes, and we get the and it is CLOSED!!!! For Memorial Day. What kind of crap is that! We ate at Five Napkin Burger instead. Rob spilled his beer in my lap. The food was good. After dinner we walked over to Rockefeller Plaza for Top of the Rock. Here is a picture of me and Mom. It doesn't look like much, but that bright light is the Empire State Building.

Here are all of the reasons that I recommend Top of the Rock as an attraction (especially over the Empire State Building) The price is about the same. (ESB is more if you pay for the line cutting express ticket) There is NO LINE, I mean NO LINE at all! The first area has a history of the building and a model of the Plaza and buildings. The photo op (which we didn't do) is a green screen where they sit you on the famous beam where the workers are having lunch (when we saw that we kind of wished we had done the photo op). Then there are some short videos to watch if you choose. Then you go up. And there are THREE FLOORS with different patio over looks. The 67 gives great north and south views - this is where we took the picture. Then you go up to 68 and get a 360 view (and a gift shop where I talked mom into buying a black mug that reveals a picture of men on beam when filled with a hot beverage - does it work mom?) We couldn't go to the 69th floor because of possible lightening that may have been spotted. But I don't think we missed much.

Re-Cap: NO LINES, GREAT VIEW, GOOD PRICE, and did I mention NO LINES!!!

Monday we went to Mom's favorite restaurant, Max Brenner. Where we got there 5 minutes after they stopped serving breakfast, but convinced our waiter to ask teh chef if we could still order anyhow - we could. So we ate a HUGE breakfast, and I had the bright idea to get a peanut butter crepe for desert. I was so full I couldn't walk. But walk we did - a nice stroll through Central Park.

Thanks mom for visiting. I had a great time.

PS - a couple of pictures of me and Rob.

Top of the Rock - see the Empire State Building
Being Lovey