Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Real Grown-Up Thing

As Rob says, our new china cabinet feels like a very grown-up thing to own. And own one we do after yesterday's trip to IKEA and same day delivery. Here are some pics of our china and stemware's new home.The other perk of wedding gifts. Super soft towels. The Powers's are ready to entertain!

Wedding Pictures

I really like this photo taken by Hilda. This is just before Dad and I walk down the aisle.To see more awesome photos by our awesome photographers, Michelle Crafton and Nathan Troester, go to

If you have any photos, please send them to me.

Wedding Day Flashback

Ok, it's been two weeks. And after an absolutely amazing and beautiful wedding day, a honeymoon to Mexico, and a rough week going back to work, we are finally back to real life. The morning of the wedding was perfect weather. I walked to the train station to meet my friend who was going to do my hair. Unfortunately I was a little too excited to want to it still for the hair and make-up process. I just wanted to be ready so that I could see my almost husband for the pre-wedding pictures.
I think I was on my phone for half of the morning with my dad and cousins about where and when to meet to pick up the flowers to drop of at the chapel and reception. And the wedding party as our meeting location changed. Sorry about that guys... Well I got to see Rob and we took some awesome pictures on the dock / park area with the river and mountains as background.
Then everyone else headed to the chapel to wait outside while Dad and I sat in the car in the parking lot until it was time to go in. Of course I was impatient and too excited to sit quietly. So up to the chapel we went. And then the ceremony. I didn't get to hear a ton of the harpist, but what was trickling outside was so pretty.
Our ceremony was perfect, it was us, the snafus made it that much better. I'll admit I had some butterflies, it is a big day. But Dad and Rob being so teary helped me hold it together. I walked down the aisle with my Dad. This is the moment I had always imagined as a kid, walking down the aisle with Dad. He was teary and that got me started. And all I could think is I forgot to get a handkerchief from the box, and man I'm starting to get sweaty in this dress. Dad gave me away with no problem, turned the veil, and here I am looking at Rob whose eyes are brimming with tears (as are my own) Then during the "I dos" Rob pulls out the handkerchief to wipe his eyes. Everyone laughs a bit, breaking the tension, and my tears are gone for good. I was a little shaky for the "I do." But calm for the vows. Rob on the other hand, went first, and "Til death do us part" really got to him. We had another cry and laugh break at that point. Oh it was perfect. It wasn't all Rob though. There was a laugh at my expense during the charge, I wasn't sure where the pastor was going at one point and made a face that made a friend who I could see laugh which made me laugh which made everyone laugh.
Rob and I have fun together and the laughter in the ceremony fit us very well. The reception is somewhat of a blur. I look at the video and some of the pictures and say "when did that happen." But it was a fun party and I hear the food was excellent. I know the cake was (I ate that) I had a wonderful day. The support of all of our guests makes me so thankful for our family and friends who were there.
After cleaning up Rob and I headed back to the Inn where we were staying. The plan to go to a nice dinner was quickly nixed. We showered changed into shorts and t-shirts and walked up the street for burgers and beer. This of course made us even more tired, so at the Inn we turned on the Olympics and fell asleep around 8. The adrenaline of the day is all that can possibly keep you going if you have an evening wedding and reception.
The day after the wedding we drove up to Millerton New York to have lunch at Harney & Sons; the tea place. We tasted some tea, made some purchases, got some cool new mugs, and had a tasty lunch. Then due to lots and lots of rain, which I am so happy waited a day to come, we decided to drive on home.
The perfect weekend.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


A more detailed post will come later. But I am now officially Kasey Powers. Friday brought phase one of wedding flower arranging. Saturday was packing and traveling up to Cold Spring for the rehearsal and dinner. Sunday was the most perfect day ever. The weather held, Rob cried, I felt pretty, and we are married. Here are some pictures my cousin (and Flower Girl) Haley took with my camera. As I get pictures from people I will try and post some more.

Cousin Haley (I guess someone else had the camera here)
Bridesmaid Sara and her husband Dave
Sister and Maid of Honor EmilyBrother and Groomsman ClintMe and cousin GrantRob's mom Val and my mom ConnieMe at the receptionRob's brother and Best Man Josh dancing with Grant


Feeding Rob cakeUncle Kevin and Uncle Marty
Cousins Keith and Grant

Friday, August 8, 2008

My Wedding is Here

In two days I will be getting married. My dad and brother drove through on Wednesday night and dropped off a box of stuff for the flowers. My mom arrived yesterday. The gifts for the wedding party are wrapped and packed. We picked up my dress from the bridal shop after getting it pressed. My veil is here and is gorgeous! We are ready to go. Mom and I have some appointments this afternoon, then this evening we are making centerpieces.

Hopefully a post on Monday or Tuesday before we head of to Mexico.