Monday, June 13, 2011

Birthday Week & Full Term

It's birthday week!  We take birthdays very seriously around here.  This year I will be 29.  My mom said it's the first time she felt old. 

Last year I posted this as my facebook status: 
rob asked what i wanted for my birthday. i said a puppy, a baby, or to pay off my student loan. i wrote the last big check today. it's so awesome to be debt free!
(*and by puppy I meant baby)

So this year, we are still debt free and the baby is on the way.

This year when Rob asked what I wanted I gave him another three point list.  New pink Converse shoes (the ones he bought me for my 26th birthday are falling apart), a massage, and a margarita.  He said we could do two out of three.  I said how about 2.5 - the shoes have been ordered, the massage booked for tomorrow morning, and we are going to one of our favorite Mexican restaurants on Saturday.  My mom made the very logical point, that I could just order a non-alcoholic margarita (I don't know why I never thought of that one).
Other highlights of birthday week may include Harry Potter at Discovery Times Square and tea and scones in SoHo.  And will definitely include the chocolate cake with pink icing that Rob is making for me.

In baby news:  Full term - 37 weeks.  We'd like him to keep cooking for a couple more weeks, but if he came now he'd be ready.  Last week we had a final ultrasound and baby boy is head down and estimated to weigh 6 pounds 3 ounces.  (That is what my brother weighed when he was born at around 37 weeks.)

I've gained 30 pounds and my waist is 44 inches around.  I have enough clothing to get through a week.  And yesterday I wore one of Rob's t-shirts around the house.  If fit nicely, so I might take a couple more that he doesn't wear for just around the house.  Still no heartburn and the swelling is minimal.  On hot days I can only wear sandals, but on cool days my sneakers still fit!  I did take off my engagement ring a couple of weeks ago and put it away, just in case.  Simon is moving all. the. time. and his feet are totally under my ribs.  I like it, even when it hurts a little.  

I feel great.  I'm tired most of the time, but that is to be expected.  I'm also ready to meet this little guy.  The apartment is ready.  There are a few cleaning / organizational things that need to be done, but I'll get to them after Birthday Week concludes.

Mom needed a picture of Rob and I, so we did a little photo shoot on the roof with the tri-pod.  After getting the picture for Mom, we did some just for us.  The two in this post are two of the less silly ones.  One of these is getting printed and framed for our over-the-bed collage of photos. 


  1. Kasey,

    Congratulations on several fronts! I just saw you on my IM list and had this desire to see what's shakin' with you these days. I was excited to learn the happy news.

    Have a great birthday and a great baby!

    -Hi Ho

  2. You look great!!! You're almost there, and then the exhaustion really sets in lol. Happy Birthday!

  3. What a gorgeous pregnant lady you are! Best wishes with your upcoming birth. It's going to be awesome!

    We believe in 'birthday week' around here, too. And now I think we'll also add half-birthdays because my kids both have late December birthdays, so why not?

  4. Happy Birthday Kasey! You look so adorable! Enjoy your birthday week!