Monday, March 28, 2011

100 Days: give or take

**edited to add picture.

100 days.  That's approximately how many days until my due date.  Meaning Simon will be here soon.  The last time I did a 100 day countdown, it was for our wedding.  100 days seemed like such a milestone, that it was getting close.  And it is pretty close.  But this time for the countdown, I wish time would slow down a bit.  I'm excited to meet him, and we are getting prepared, but I have so much to do before then.  I'm working on resting when I need to and letting things go.  The major projects for the semester are over.  Now I need to write, and read, and write some more.
My Dad came to visit this past weekend.  We went to Home Depot and hung out around the house.  Dad fixed the drywall and insulated the baby's room.  And helped with some other projects that have just been pending until we find the time.  He also helped me buy and carry the wood for the changing station that Rob put together.  There was much drilling and sanding involved.  Now it is apart again for painting. Rob will assemble while I'm I'm gone this weekend.

Wednesday I leave for Montreal, kicking off my month of travel.  After Montreal I present at a conference in New Orleans.  Then to Indiana for the first half of my Spring Break and a baby shower (for me!).  And then I will rest and write some more.

I hit 26 weeks today.  I feel the baby moving more now.  I also have lots of Braxton Hicks contractions.  Simon does not like hamburgers.  It's the only food I just can't eat.  Apples and ice cream are still the foods of choice.  I try and eat an apple a day, and limit the ice cream.  Tomorrow is my glucose test.  Lets hope I pass (fingers crossed).

I do have a new belly pic.  Very obviously pregnant now.  When I find the camera cord I will update.



    happy 26 weeks!! i hope the bh contrax aren't too bothersome. i've been having them consistently since 19 weeks, and i'm at the point where i can pretty much ignore them :o) the link above is to the infant cpr class we went to in chelsea. one woman runs all the classes, and she is GREAT!!! they recommend you go in the 3rd trimester :o)

  2. so sweet! you look gloriously happy. so excited to meet simon!