Monday, February 28, 2011

Baby Arts & Crafts

So, I think I'm turning into the Mommyblogger I never thought I would.  But really baby is more exciting than anything else going on.  And while we have nice days now and then it's still to cold for our city walks.

 We found out Simon was a boy just before Valentine's Day.  This is a holiday we don't really celebrate (I have made it clear we don't need to do gifts etc., I am ok with this, Rob is ok with this, you should be ok with this for us too) but Rob thought it would be fun to paint onesies for baby.  We picked up some plain white newborn size (still wondering if I should have gone with the 0-3 month size) onesies at Babies 'R Us on sale for $2.99 and fabric paint at Michaels.

Rob ended up having a work thing on Valentine's Day (I told him to go and we'd reschedule painting, again we don't really celebrate the day) so we didn't paint until last Saturday night.

See what fun we had.

Yes, I'm wearing a smock.  It's in my best interest.


And the finished project.  We are going to have the best dressed baby.  For the first week until he outgrows these anyway.

Rob painted, I'm showing it off.

Old Navy had these shoes on clearance, I couldn't resist.

I painted.

We painted together.  Inside joke.

Rob painted.

I painted.


  1. Very cute!!! My brother and s-i-l make fantastic tie-dye, so they made me some onesies when I was pregnant--only problem? The onesies were Newborn size and my kid came out wearing 3 month size clothing (lol, oh giant baby). (I'm thinking of having them help me tie-dye some bigger shirts for this summer).

  2. Yeah, that's my fear. That the kid will be huge and not be able to wear these. Keeping my fingers crossed for a 7 pound baby.

  3. Kasey, these are awesome. I'm gonna need to commission two monkey shirts--that's what I call my guys all the time.

  4. Above comment was from MRS. Franks...