Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Hobby for Thursdays

I am a huge fan of the pond at Bryant Park, especially since I bought my ice skates on ebay last year. This rink is FREE as long as you have your own skates ($12 to rent them) because there is no ice fee, and lock for the free lockers ($9 for bag check). The last couple of Thursdays at noon I've taken my bag, and gone skating for 30 minutes or so.

I've been going alone, and that's about as long as it's fun, but since it's FREE I don't feel like I have to stay to get my moneys worth.

But if there is ever anyone who wants to join me, I'm in! And for as long as you want. And in January, when I don't have classes, I can go any day any time. I like that I have a new hobby that is also exercise.


  1. Wish I were with you ice skating!

  2. Oh I have some pictures of the pond in the evening with the shops still open and everything looking quite romantic!! I wish I could join you on the ice but I am a bit of a maniac and I fear I will bust my knee and it dont need no more bustin! lol

    Very nice account Kasey!