Monday, January 16, 2012


The list of restaurants we want to try is continually growing.  Rob is a bit of a food snob - and I'm finally coming around to his way of thinking.  There are so many restaurants that why waste our time going to someplace sub-par. I wouldn't say we are foodies really, because there are some places on our list of favorites that could be questionable, but we like them for various reasons (e.g. there is one and only one great dish but the overall doesn't stand up).  There are also some places that are on our "do not patronize" list for bad food, bad service, or both, and we will give it a couple of goes. We are also homebodies, so walking distance is important. 

But back to this list.  The list is growing because we tend to frequent our favorites, we are working on branching out.  So a couple of weeks ago we walked to Astoria to visit Kickshaw. "Specialty coffee, fancy grilled cheese sandwiches , craft beer in Astoria, Queens." Some friends had offered to babysit for a couple of hours, so Rob and I had a real date.  It was nice. The fancy cheeses were awesome.  But what really got us was the dessert.

So a week later we went. With Simon. Our weekend walks will likely be accompanied by "our car" what Mom and Chip have lovingly dubbed the stroller.  So we strolled. And at some point turned Simon around so he could be in a picture too.

Kickshaw has a great vibe with a big communal table, small tables in the back, and a bar. I can see this as a place where you could sit and work and eat and drink for an afternoon.  Not the most kid friendly place we've been, but having Simon wasn't a problem.  We did have to park the stroller away from where we sat, but not a big deal.  We had to sit at the bar this time around.  Planning better around cranky time and padding in time to wait for a table would make it better to return with baby.  Without baby, no problem.

Simon spent the time pounding on the bar and playing with a paper cup. Then he got cranky so Rob ate while I walked him and I ate while Rob took him outside to people watch. It was a very warm day for winter.

The dessert we got was quite awesome.  A chocolate walnut brownie that was very dry, like carrot cake maybe with coffee poured over it. You get your dessert and coffee all in one dish. Amazing. 

On the walk home Simon had about enough of the stroller.  So we carried him the last few blocks.  And he got his first ride on Daddy's shoulders. I think the hair and glasses pulling was his favorite part.

If you are local.  Check out Kickshaw.  With or without the kid.

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  1. Went on a date Saturday night. Not a food snob, but the food was terrible. Cold, yet tasted burnt....won't go back. We got some giggles out of it, though, so it was still a good date...glad yours was better :)