Saturday, December 10, 2011

Oh Tannenbaum

Growing up, we always had a fake tree.  I remember exactly one year where we had a real tree, which is now planted in front of my childhood home.  Since being married, we've put up a small fake tree I brought with me from Indiana.  It is worth storing the small tree 11 months a year because it's easier than dealing with a dead tree after traveling would be.  This year we are not traveling.
This is momentous.  We are not traveling for the holidays.  We are staying home. Santa will visit Simon here.  We will go to church.  I will cook dinner.  There will be no flights and driving hundreds of miles, and stress about traveling in a blizzard.

So we planned to get a real tree, meaning one that was once alive.  In honor of my maiden name we went with the Fraser Fir (different spelling, but close enough). This particular variety also has pretty sturdy branches which is key in my opinion.  This being the first real tree I've ever purchased, I started checking out tree prices at various locations.

Then, I saw it, a stand not too far away "Six Foot Trees $24.95"  Done.  This is a great deal.  So we packed up Simon and made the trip over.  We picked a tree $75.  What?  Oh, the $24.95 trees advertised, those are only the ones on this rack off to the side and they are some variety with flimsy branches and not so full and the top 2 feet of the 6 feet is the single bare branch that is going to get cut off.  So we picked another tree.  $50.  Still to munch.

We went to Home Depot, where the prices were perfectly acceptable.  Chose a lovely tree.  Had the bottom cut.

And carted it home. For those of you who wonder how we do it without a car.  This is it.  There was a man walking with us carrying his tree.  He saw our cart and said he wished he'd thought to bring one. And I love it.  The house smells so nice. 
The problem I have with the whole buying a Christmas tree thing, is the false advertising.  Because really, there were very few trees for $24.95.  And when measuring the heights that 7 foot tree is really 5.5 because that top branch is useless and must be trimmed for placing a topper.  But really I love my tree, so I'll get over it.


  1. i really want a tree! but dh thinks pippa will all of a suddden start crawling and eat it. this is a girl who hates tummy time, so we are FAR from crawling! i'd love a pic of P next to her first xmas tree though, so maybe i'll get her a 2 ft tall tree :o) re: your comment about simon drinking 2-3 oz's at a time sometimes. P does the same thing and it just confounds me. are you not hungry???? i hope i don't jinx it by writing it out, but she took a bottle (5 oz each time) at each feed yesterday. of course, daddy gave it to her and not me, so monday might be a different story. goodluck with the sippy cup. did you buy one that is hard or soft (the part that baby sucks on)? i heard that soft is easier for most babies. P wouldn't take one at all, but i haven't tried in weeks, so i'm due for another attempt. happy holidays! ps - i tried your recipe for pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. DELICIOUS. they were a hit with various friends who came by!!

  2. LOVE that you got a real tree. We're still sticking with the fake 4' tree we've had for 5 years. But at least we have a pine scented candle to make it smell like we have a real tree...ha!

    It's going to be a great Christmas for Simon, staying in NYC. I can't believe I'm saying (or typing) this, but I'm looking forward to the drive and week at home with family, hubby and Will. I just don't feel like NYC has the Christmas spirit this year. Or maybe I just have too much of it and NYC can't keep up with me?

    Regardless, I'm sure our boys will have great holidays:)