Sunday, May 15, 2011

33 weeks or 50 days

Today I have 50 days to go until D-Day.  Tomorrow I will be 33 weeks along.  It's still flying by.  I'm looking forward to the slow down of time I hear that should be happening in the next couple of weeks!  Of course by then, I may change my tune and just want this baby here.

This weeks stats:

According to the books baby is about 17 inches long and around 3.75 - 4 pounds.  So when I feel him in three places at once it's because he's starting to run out of room.

I've gained about 25 pounds.  It looks like mostly belly, but I've gained some in my arms and legs - I can tell...  No stretch marks yet though.

My belly is big enough now that some of the maternity t-shirts I bought early on no longer cover my entire belly.  This could also be in part to my new-found maternity jeans that BUTTON under the belly.  At this stage I much prefer these to the full belly panel - the panel is too hot.

Mr. Simon moves all the time now.  And I'm loving it.  I think I spend half my day watching my stomach ripple and move.  This may be why my productivity on school work has dropped off some.

I still haven't had any crazy food cravings.  There are still days when I must have ice cream.  But I do occasionally crave condiments.  Does this count as a crazy pregnancy craving?  This week it was BBQ sauce.  I wasn't picky about how I had it, just on something.  We had chicken fingers.

I still eat like crap, but I do try.  I eat more fruit and yogurt than I have at any other point in my life.  And I have breakfast every day - this hasn't happened since high school (or before) - usually oatmeal and toast.

Leg cramps and mild heartburn are the fun new symptoms of late pregnancy, but I still have energy and am loving the third trimester.

Last week we attended a childbirth class.  I didn't learn a ton of new things, but it was good to go.  I am feeling better and better about actually having this baby.

I have four more days of school (and four papers to turn in) and then two more days at the lab after that and I will be DONE for the semester.  I'm so looking forward to the 5 weeks or so I have to clean and be home and just get ready to have a baby.

And for comparison here is my 21 week picture next to the 33 week picture because I'm wearing the same clothes.  And because 21 weeks was the first time someone who didn't know asked if I was pregnant.  I thought my belly was so big then.  Crazy.


  1. You look so adorable, Kasey!! Such an exciting time!

  2. This is going to sound weird, but, please enjoy the last days of pregnancy. I wish I had. Everyone told me, "enjoy your freedom now!" I always wanted to have a baby and I finally did this December and he can be a handful at times, but I love him to death! Once he was out, I really missed him being inside me somehow. It's a different connection. I do love him more than anything I've ever loved in my life though.

    Congrulations. I love pregnancy stories.

    Hope you can stop by my site and perhaps enter your pregnancy journey on our directory.

    My site is called voiceBoks - The Voice of Motherhood.

    Have a great rest of the week!


    Lexie Lane

  3. Congrats and good luck going into these final weeks of pregnancy! Get as much rest as you can (even through your discomfort)!!!

    I'm stopping by from voiceBoks!!! It's a great community!

    Also feel free to check out my blog!

    Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!!

  4. First of all, let me just say how great you look at 33 weeks! I looked like that at 24 with my second baby! Enjoy these last few weeks with your little personal buddy. Once they come, it feels like they belong to everyone, but those last few weeks of gestation feel so special.

    I'm following along from voiceBoks as well - it's a great community of parents and bloggers. Hope you can make it over to check us out!

    May you have a happy and healthy last few weeks!