Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Morning

On Monday mornings I have quite the commute.
8:30am - 7 train
8:50am - N or Q train
9:10am - R train
9:35am - arrive at Whitehall station
9:45am - the best part of the trip...
Staten Island Ferry
...the Staten Island Ferry.  On a nice day I stand or sit on the back deck and drink my coffee and do a crossword or read.  It's relaxing.  And almost makes the rest of it worth it.

10:15am - arrive at St. George Ferry Terminal
10:15am - take the S62 bus to CSI
10:50am - the Loop Bus to the side of campus.

ALT: 10:35am - take the CSI shuttle to campus.

11:00am - arrive at the lab.

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