Saturday, March 13, 2010

Long Post. No pictures. Please forgive me.

My friend Jess wrote last week about having writers block. I have an extreme case of writers block. Hers was induced by the fact that she had HUGE news and life changing events and was trying to organize the thoughts. I have writers block because there is nothing to write about. Life has gotten boring.

Part of it is busy with the routine of school. I don’t take as many pictures as I used to (and because it has been winter and we stay in more I take fewer pictures in this season) this winter I just haven’t had my camera. I’ve heard complaints from some of those of you who I know that read that I put to many words in my posts, about those that have no pictures. So I don’t write.

There is also the issue of online privacy and me being in a position where I am re-evaluating how much of myself I want to share online. There are some things I have chosen not to write about in this space. I am in a time where I am thinking about the reasons for this, and maybe changing my position.

I am thinking about who this blog is for and what is its purpose. Last year I changed the domain name to a “family” blog connected to my email address. But then is it my blog or our blog. Rob doesn’t post here. But because he is a big part of my life I thought it fair. But even that little change changed how I viewed this space. I also question if I am writing for me or for the readers. I know there are really only a handful of you, but maybe my readership is bigger than I know. I never installed a counter when I moved the blog. But my purpose makes a big difference in how I write here.

I know I want to keep the blog public. That is important to me. But I think I do want to reclaim the space as mine. Maybe make it a bit more personal. I also have really enjoyed the photo essays or digital stories that I’ve made a few times over the past year; lots of photos and a little text. This makes an interesting way to share the mundane.

I really enjoy blogging, and reading blogs, and it is a big part of who I am. So bear with me as a forge my online identity. One path to this goal is I am attending a Blogging conference this summer. BlogHer 2010 is being held in New York. I signed up on a whim a couple of months ago with the hopes that maybe I will get to meet some of my favorite bloggers IRL (in real life).

But now I am thinking that it will be a really great way for me to figure out where I want to go with this.


  1. Nice post Kasey!! And so on target.... It is so hard to manage all the embedded issues one encounters when writing in the public forum...

    I doubt life is boring, but I understand that it might feel like, what's there to write about until there's something new to write about!! I am definitely in a space where I can write soo so much now that I'm in this new relationship as well as the lessons I have learned along the way about love and life, but time for it is slim and concerns about who reads my blog come up too!

    I am so happy you are attending BlogHEr- lemee know how it goes!

  2. Nice move! I still think you have to see Julie and Julia...what a great blog movie, and it will give you even MORE to think about. You sound like a grad student.....oh yeah, you are!

  3. Emily, LeAnne and your Mom are all sitting here wondering what a sway is!?!?!? Hello!! Help!